How Much Stamp Duty Would I Pay on a £180,000 House?

If you are buying a property and checking out how much stamp duty that you need to pay on the purchase then we can help you here. So if your question is how much stamp duty would I pay on a £180,000 house then check this out below (updated September 2023).

There are many extra costs involved in buying a property and it is useful to know exactly how much these costs are going to add up to before going ahead with the purchase.

Firstly the amount of stamp duty that you have to pay depends on whether you are buying your first or second (or subsequent) property. The rules on second properties and the extra stamp duty are quite complex so it is worth checking out the page dedicated to the extra stamp duty rules.

So, if you are buying a first property, or replacing your main residence when buying a property, then you should only pay the basic stamp duty which is calculated in tiered amounts.

Amount to Pay

For a main/first property worth £180,000 you would not need to pay any stamp duty as the threshold has been increased to £250,000.

You can calculate how much stamp duty you need to pay on a property purchase by using our stamp duty calculator. So if you want to check out the figures for different property prices you can use that.

For a second property you would need to pay £5,400.

Other Factors

If you are a first time buyer then you may be entitled to a reduced (or zero) rate of stamp duty on your property purchase – you can find details of that here.

These figures do not take into account any temporary suspension of stamp duty that may be in force.
How Much Stamp Duty Would I Pay on a £180,000 House?

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